Our Mission

My name is Julianne Mulvey and I am a eighth grader in Reading, Massachusetts.  I am a bassoonist in the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras’ Repertory Orchestra.  I am a member of my school band, wind ensemble, and chorus.  I love to make and listen to music because of its power. The connections I make with music are meaningful and produce emotions like nothing I have ever felt before.  I love to create stories for orchestra pieces and bassoon solos that I play, most of the time they involve romance.  My passion for making music and playing the bassoon has made me realize many people, particularly children, are unaware of what a bassoon is.  My first step in establishing this project, was going to my preschool, in May of 2012.  There I gave a kid-friendly presentation to the children about the bassoon. This project means a lot to me, I hope that through it I will be able to share the opportunity to play bassoon.

a flute

I’m Alexandra Nazzaro or Alex, as my friends call me. I play the flute and I love to sing. I play in our school band, wind ensemble and I sing in our chorus, select chorus and chamber group called Noteworthy. I love music because it has the ability to ALWAYS make me happy. I am constantly singing and when I am not, I constantly have music stuck in my head. I sing so much at home that my mother only has two rules as when I’m not allowed to. The first is when I’m at the dinner table, and the second is when I am brushing my teeth. Music has definitely meant a lot to me and words cannot even begin to explain my love for it. Without my music teachers, I don’t believe that my love for music and performing would be as strong as it is today. They are the people who have developed me into the musician I am. My motivation to raise money to buy a bassoon came from the pleasure I have when I make music as well as playing flute and bassoon duets with Julianne. Hopefully, our dedication and another instrument option in the district will encourage students to get involved with music.

logo1-1In Reading, the school district does not own a bassoon and so they do not advertise the bassoon to music students.  Only two students in our school district play the bassoon.  We have decided that we want to make the number of bassoonists in Reading increase.  In order to do this, Project Bassoon will buy a bassoon for the Reading district.  To accomplish this goal, our friends, along with us, will play concerts in our hometown and accept tax-deductable donations to purchase a bassoon.

This is Project Bassoon’s present goal.  Who knows what else we will be able to accomplish! Thanks in advance for your support of this amazing project.  To find out more about supporting us, visit the Support Us page.


Julianne and Alexandra

Project Bassoon


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